Fixing Toenails

June 13th, 2011

This is a site about how to fix ugly or missing toenails. Why? Because there is so much wrong information out there on how to do this that’s it’s ridiculous.

I have spent hours and hours myself trying to figure out what to do once my podiatrist assured me that if I had my toenail removed I could simply just paint the nail bed, and wallah! it would look just like the rest of the toes. Really?! Clearly wrong. Most podiatrists repeat this wrong information over and over again, and I’m here to assure you that it is not true. Instead of having a great looking, non-hurting, toenail, you will have something that resembles the texture of a fresh water pearl. Trust me, painting your toenails won’t work like that.

There is a solution and I’m going to once and for all compile all the information and facts about toenails and give it to your straight. Granted, I’m not a podiatrist, or a doctor, or anything like it for that matter. I’m just a human being who has struggled with the embarrassment of having a missing toenail and trying to solve the riddle of how to make my feet look normal and not draw attention to them. In fact, why couldn’t I just have a nice foot that when people glance over and see it they will just mentally note that it looks pretty good?

There is no reason to be struggling with this issue any longer when a solution is out there and can be applied.

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