How to fix a missing toenail

Now let’s just get down the the reality of the situation. If you have googled “missing toenails” and “prosthetic toenail” – you’ll quickly realize that none of the answers deal with a missing toenail, but most of the ones that have answered the question also require that you have at least a partial toenail.

If you don’t have one at all you’ll have to figure out how to affix a fake toenail to your toe. This is the tricky part. I have tried about 20 different types of glue, and other ways of affixing a toenail, some with a little bit of luck. the real problem is not how to get a fake toenail for this purpose, but how to get it to stay on without falling off in the middle of an elevator in Las Vegas, or in a swimming pool.

Information on the internet will lead you to beleive that you can use crazy glue, or even torbot glue (which is most often used for affixing appliances to bats), or any number of other types of adhesives. However due to a possibility of allergic reactions you can’t just go down to home depot and get a strong epoxy glue. Also you can not go into a nail salon and get an acrylic nail or gel nail attached because once your foot sweats it will simply fall off.

In my travels I have used various types of glues and assorted methods including:

  1. attaching a fake toenail with crazy glue… falls off within a day, and most likely will “snap” off.
  2. attaching a fake toenail using a bandaid.. will remain on for a period of time but if you see the same person twice in a year they will wonder why you always have a boo boo on your foot.
  3. attaching a fake toenail with moleskin and crazy glue. This will work but it will sweat off within a few hours, and hopefully not when you’re at your best friends wedding as one of the bridesmaids.
  4. I have used appliance glue, that simply does not work and is messy looking to boot. It falls off within a half an hour.
  5. Attached clear rubber bands to a fake toenail using crazy glue, which will work, but looks a little silly.
  6. Applied clear tape to my foot and attempted to paint it over to look like a toenail.
  7. Use a fake tatoo to distract people from seeing that I don’t have a toenail.
  8. Buying only peep toe sandels which works somewhat well, but is difficult to find ones you really like.

So all of the above work somewhat well, but still don’t really solve the issue. Furthermore, if you are single and plan on dating, you’ll have to at some point somewhat early on explain just why you are obsessed with your foot and why you are wearing bandaids and rubber bands around your toenails.

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